Almost True

Almost True by Keren DavidRuthless killers are hunting Ty so the police move him and his mum to a quiet seaside town. But a horrific attack and a bullet meant for Ty prove that he’s not safe.

On the road again, Ty’s in hiding with complete strangers . . . who seem to know a lot about him. Meanwhile he’s desperate to see his girlfriend Claire, and terrified that she may betray him. Ty can’t trust his own judgement and he’s making dangerous decisions that could deliver him straight to the gangsters.

A thrilling sequel to When I Was Joe, shot through with drama and suspense.


“A brilliant climax to the story Keren David started so successfully in When I Was Joe makes this a red hot recommendation for all fans of the superb original. If you haven’t read that one yet, buy them both at once – you won’t be disappointed if you like  action-packed but character driven YA novels.”  The Bookbag


“The novel has a perfect blend of tense situations and intriguing relationships, as Ty struggles to take control of his life, and more interestingly, to develop a piecemeal understanding of his past.”  Mary Arrigan, Irish Examiner

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