Cover reveal: Salvage


I’m very happy to be able to reveal the cover for my next book, Salvage, which will be published in hardback by Atom Books in January 2014 –  only six months to wait!

I adore this cover. It shows brother and sister Aidan and Cass, who haven’t seen each other for  twelve years, since Cass was adopted by a wealthy family. They meet again through fate and Facebook, long-buried secrets are uncovered and the reunion changes them both forever.
I love the tension in Cass’s shoulders, the vulnerability of Aidan’s neck. I love the colour, the font and the clean uncluttered feel of it. And I love the way it is genderfree, in its assumptions about readers and writer.
Thank you Atom! I promise to have my copy edits back with you very soon!

(The first night of Lia the musical went very well –  a report tomorrow)

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