A cover for Stranger

Stranger is my new book, coming out next April. I’ve been writing it for the last five years, in between other projects. It’s been written and rewritten so many times, that I can hardly believe that publication is now only months away and that is has a cover. And what a cover! Designed by Ellen Rockell, […]

A cover for Cuckoo

This beauty is the cover for my next book, Cuckoo, which is out in August. I absolutely love it.   You can find out here about the design process by ultra-talented designer Jack Smyth and fashion photographer Robecca Naen, not forgetting the editor who briefed them, Sarah Castleton. Cuckoo is about Jake… He’s a household […]

October outings

At present I am mostly skulking in my writing cave.  Occasionally I’m allowed out, for important stuff, like delivering a child to university, or buying food, but mostly it’s an unrelenting slog of looking at the screen, crying, writing words, deleting them, banging head against brick wall and demanding reassurance from long-suffering friends and family. […]


So, over on Twitter, it’s #UKYA Day, a day to celebrate all things UKYA organised by the completely wonderful  Lucy Powrie, 15-year-old book blogger and  total superwoman.   One of the great things about UKYA is that the books are set here in the UK, and also anywhere else we UKYA authors fancy. My next […]

Off and On the Map

How much do I adore the cover that Atom’s fabulous designers have come up with for This is Not A Love Story?  The heart is cut out from a map of Amsterdam, so immediately I checked it out to see how many key locations in the book are covered. The book is about three teenagers, […]