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Authors for the Philippines

The brilliant and dynamic YA author Keris Stainton  has set up an auction to help the people of the Philippines after the devastating storm there (I suggested it, she’s doing ALL the work. I’m feeling guilty). The auction goes live tomorrow morning at 8am, new lots will go up throughout the week, there are already […]

New look

 Coming your way in September…   I’m getting a new look! Or at least my books are. To coincide with the release of Another Life, in September, the first two books in the series, When I Was Joe and Almost True are getting new covers to match.  The Egg of Death in Danny’s […]

How to respond to bad reviews.

Ignore them. It’s as easy as that. But, funnily enough, not everyone does.Julie Halpern is a writer of YA books. I’d never heard of her before this week, when a blogging, twittering storm blew up because she wrote a foot-stamping, tantrumy, Violet Elizabath Bott of a response to a negative review that she found on […]

The murder of Stephen Lawrence

When I worked on the newsdesk at The Independent I dealt with dozens of reports every day. It’s difficult to pick out individual stories, nearly twenty years later. The murder of Stephen Lawrence is an exception. I was working an afternoon shift, and the environment correspondent, Nick Schoon came up to talk to me. ‘I’ve […]

A writer’s year..

So. 2011. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I can’t remember much of it. Where’s my trusty diary…I mean all writers have a diary, don’t they? A journal of their literary life…a witty, erudite, insightful record of the year. I bet Marcus Sedgwick has a diary. I bet Jason […]

Dear Keren…(part 2)

Dear Keren I really enjoyed your books When I Was Joe and Almost True. When is there going to be another book about Ty? What do you suggest I read in the meantime?                                   First of  all, let me draw your attention to my third book Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery. True, it is not […]

Ask Keren…(part one)

I’ve  been giving out quite a bit of advice recently, so I thought I’d have an agony aunt blog for a few days before Christmas.  Starting with this.. Dear Keren, You don’t know me, but I was at the dental hygienist recently and I mentioned that I’d written a children’s book and his cousin’s wife […]

Group Dynamic

 Guinea pigs and  gunmen, communists and criminal cats. Etiquette, incest, drug-taking and blood –  lots of it. Careers, children and choir-singing. Yiddish, Norwegian, Spanish and Cockney.I’m just trying to give you a flavour of one of our Writing Group meetings, where, with a rough brief of discussing our attempts to write for children –  a […]

Another Life – update

Another Life  –  the third book about Ty –  is pretty much finished. The copy edit is done,I’ve inserted a few jokes, made some things clearer.   I rewrote chapter two to take account of advice from my barrister friend.  The cover is designed, the blurb agreed. Around the end of December proof copies should be […]

Breaking free of the chains

WH Smith: Half price on all our top 20 celebrity hardbacks! One of the less enjoyable parts of being an author is meeting a lovely friend who has tried to buy your book in her local bookshop. She drove there specially, looked carefully, even asked a shop assistant.Then she breaks the news to you.’I’m really […]