Author: Keren David

A new home!

Welcome to my new website, which has been created for me by my wonderful publishers, Atom. Next week is house-warming week, with posts and give-aways and some tasters of Salvage, and anything else I can think of. Check in Monday for more details.      

Cover reveal: Salvage

I’m very happy to be able to reveal the cover for my next book, Salvage, which will be published in hardback by Atom Books in January 2014 –  only six months to wait! I adore this cover. It shows brother and sister Aidan and Cass, who haven’t seen each other for  twelve years, since Cass […]

First Night for Lia

  Some people get lucky on the lottery. I got lucky  just over a year ago when I received an email from a guy called Andy Barnes. He runs Perfect Pitch, a company devoted to creating and supporting new musicals. ‘We were wondering if you’d ever thought of adapting your book Lia’s Guide to Winning the […]

Don’t throw the baby out with the Sick Lit

 (This post contains spoilers for When I Was Joe and Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery. Don’t read it if you haven’t read them!!!)  I followed the ‘sick lit’ debate this week with great interest. It started in the Daily Mail with this article by Tanith Carey. Here’s an extract:              While the Twilight series and […]

The Next Big Thing

So, this week I’m taking part in the Next Big Thing meme which has been going around various writer’s blogs..and very interesting they’ve been too. I was tagged by Keris Stainton and Ruth Eastham and you can read their posts by clicking on their names. The idea is that we share a bit about the […]

A musical interlude…

I was always being told off as a child for day-dreaming. It’s not an activity that’s valued, especially at school.How wrong they were. It turns out that day-dreaming is one of the most important elements in writing fiction. The more I can lose myself in my latest story, persuade myself that I am writing about […]