Figment of the imagination

One of the best thing about writing for teens is meeting lots of teens who love to write. And my goodness, they are talented – from published authors like Hannah Moskowitz and Steph Bowe, to the many others who are pretty sure to be published sometime soon (Hey, Amna. And Hannah. And Joe)
Anyway, in the States there’s a new website being set up for teens who love to write and read and share all this stuff. It’s called and you can sign up for the beta site here.
I wrote a piece for their blog – all about why I wasn’t a teenage writer (well, I was really, but I was a teenage reporter which is subtly different.You can read it here.
They make fab videos at figment(checkout their version of Breaking Dawn) and in honour of When I was Joe they’ve made one about Britishisms. Naturally I don’t understand a word.
Most excitingly of all they are running a writing competition based on the theme of Witnessing Secrets,which I’m going to judge. Sign up to enter.

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