Lia’s Guide at the Bridewell

As promised, some pictures from the production of Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery which was on at the Bridewell Theatre June 12 to 15.
The production was pretty scary for me, as we haven’t had long to work on Lia, and all my friends and family were lining up to see it, but luckily I was blessed with fabulous collaborators, creatives and cast, the audiences were enthusiastic and we sold out almost every performance. Special  thanks to Paul Herbert, Andy Barnes and everyone at Perfect Pitch, Ryan McBryde who directed, and Lizzi Gee, the  choreographer. The cast were the best advert possible for their college –  the MTA, which offers the UK’s first accelerated training scheme for musical theatre professionals. I hope Lia’s Guide brings them the luck they deserve. Remember these to be some stars of the future..
.As for me, it’s back to the rewrites...

Lia gets her cheque…and look who signed it
Imogen Fowler as Lia
Winner’s advisers, Gilda and Kevin, played by Sian Watkins and Richard Watkins




Ashton Charge as Raf –  a vampire sings…
Clark James and Pamela Wernham as Lia’s mum and dad
Shaz and Jack on the trail of Lia and Raf…amid the topiary of Primrose Hill
Lia and mates go shopping
Phoebe Rose White as Ball 23. You’ll never see such glam lottery balls again
Imogen Fowler as Lia
The three bitches…Jade Jordan, Jenny Webster and RoxyHowells-Davis
Lia and her supernatural crush, Raf
Passion in the internet caf..
Alice Ferreira and Joe Toland as Lia’s mates, Shaz and Jack
The seven brilliant lottery balls: Laura Jane Cook, Becki Dobbin, Simone Murphy, hannah Shaw, Remy Moynes, Rose Shalloo and Phoebe Rose White

(thanks to the MTA for the pics)