First Night for Lia

  Some people get lucky on the lottery. I got lucky  just over a year ago when I received an email from a guy called Andy Barnes. He runs Perfect Pitch, a company devoted to creating and supporting new musicals. ‘We were wondering if you’d ever thought of adapting your book Lia’s Guide to Winning the […]

Don’t throw the baby out with the Sick Lit

 (This post contains spoilers for When I Was Joe and Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery. Don’t read it if you haven’t read them!!!)  I followed the ‘sick lit’ debate this week with great interest. It started in the Daily Mail with this article by Tanith Carey. Here’s an extract:              While the Twilight series and […]

The Next Big Thing

So, this week I’m taking part in the Next Big Thing meme which has been going around various writer’s blogs..and very interesting they’ve been too. I was tagged by Keris Stainton and Ruth Eastham and you can read their posts by clicking on their names. The idea is that we share a bit about the […]

A musical interlude…

I was always being told off as a child for day-dreaming. It’s not an activity that’s valued, especially at school.How wrong they were. It turns out that day-dreaming is one of the most important elements in writing fiction. The more I can lose myself in my latest story, persuade myself that I am writing about […]

Another Life is out

I nearly missed it, but there’s half an hour left of publication day for Another Life. It’s a very special book for me. To be given the chance to develop characters, themes and stories over three books is a real  privilege. I have to thank everyone who championed the books  –  librarians, booksellers, reviewers and […]


So, I can at last share with you my second bit of good news…which is most welcome following the sad news earlier in the year about the end of the children’s fiction list at Frances Lincoln. I have agreed a two-book deal with Atom! The first book is Salvage, about Aidan and his sister Cass […]

Lia the Musical!

I haven’t posted much on this blog recently because I’ve been busy with all sorts of things, most of them secret. I’ve been writing and having meetings and writing some more, and I hope to have some news about some of that quite soon. But in the meantime something has happened which I can talk […]

What’s your name?

One of the things I thought would be the easiest things about writing books turns out to be one of the hardest. Why is it so difficult to name my characters?It’s not, as I fondly imagined, just a case of picking your favourite names and sprinkling them around. Naming characters is an intricate alchemy, part art, part […]

Sad news

Some of you may already know that my publisher, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books are no longer going to be publishing Young Adult books. This decision has been taken by Quarto, the company that took over FLCB and parent company Frances Lincoln in August. The decision to end the YA list, which only launched in 2010, […]