Ten Alternative Titles for TINALS and Salvage

Titles are difficult! As I may have mentioned, This is Not a Love Story started off with the name Singel, after the canal in Amsterdam ( Singel/Single, clever, eh?) but that got dropped because it looked too much like a spelling error, and then we all agreed that TINALS was much better.  TINALSvis4

But what else could it have been? I was looking at the blog of USYA author Becky Albertalli the other day (her book Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda is FABULOUS and I have read it twice in two days and it’s now one of my favourite books ever, and you must must read it) and I found this meme, which either hasn’t hit the UK yet, or missed me somehow.

So, here are the rules:

Scroll through your manuscript and stop on random place. Whatever you land on becomes one of ten terrible titles. I picked the first short sentences I randomly came across.

So, here are my ten alternative titles for This is Not a Love Story.

  1.  I’ve Noticed Your Lipstick
  2. Faint and Dizzy
  3. Circuit of the Park
  4. Come and See Your Room
  5. Keep an Open Mind
  6. Amsterdam Hilton
  7. I Didn’t Go To College
  8. Amsterdam Kitty
  9. I Need More Answers
  10.  What’s the Matter with You?

And here are my ten alternatives for Salvage:


1 Difficult Conversations

2 She’s Not Here

3 The Cult of Personality

4. Such Boring Clothes

5. He Still Turned Heads

6. Safe and Sound

7. Plaster Angel

8 A Bad Idea

9. Aidan. Aidan Jones.

10. Basically He’s Fine.


What do you think? Would any of these have worked better?   And should my next book be called He Still Turned Heads?  Or perhaps I’ve Noticed Your Lipstick?

I think more UKYA authors should be doing this thing. So I’m tagging Keris Stainton, Eve Ainsworth and Nicole Burstein.